Vines …to cherish

They are old vines, in a beautiful landscape, but the yield is small (25-40hl per ha max).
The natural balance between the plants and the earth is preserved, which gives me beautiful fruit, in small amounts, but with concentrated strength.

Le Ruisseau du moine

A very old Carignan of 75 acres, bought by my great grandfather in 1942, to dig up.
The Carignan is still there.....

Le Peyral • Grenache

20 stunning acres of Grenache noir surrounded by olive trees.
The soil there is strewn with little treasures :pure double pyramid quartz !

Le Peyral • Syrah

Mini Syrah of 15 ares, (an are is 100m2) planted on March 17th 2008, I am still learning how to develop it…

Serres de l'Étang

Serres de l’etang, a Carignan of 1.86 ha, planted in 1967 by my father. A huge chunk, right in the wind, and as the name suggests, stretching from high on the quaternaire hillside down to the stones of the old pond.

Les Argelats

1 hectare of Grenache noir, having had one owner only, planted in 1934. Flat as a board on the hillside, a wonderful soil dominated by the trunks of the vines. In the heart of the wind, no shade – messes your hair up !

Les Clots Migoto

A Carignan of 40 ares, 30 years old, still in perfect condition, peaceful and steady. I love working with it and it yields beautiful grapes.

Pech Ouest

37 ares of Grenache noir and some almond trees. At the foot of the hill we have a view of Ornaisons.

La Galinette

A Carignan of 34 ares bought in 1999 to start me off, with help from friends. A very old and rare vine, at least 105 years old, its unusual shape is worth seeing. The vines keep going, but need lots of care.

Le Plat

A Maccabeu of 78 ares. Planted in 1984, this variety is becoming increasingly rare, but still brings lots of richness to white wine.

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