'Grain de Fanny' is Fanny Tisseyre :

An independant female wine maker
something different
grappe berries
6 hectares of vines
old carignans and grenaches
some maccabeu
a row of syrah
a crisp white
crack open a rosé
sip the 'égrappé' made with destalked grappes
chat over a bottle of red
in the wind...
the land of Corbières
a miniature wine cellar
sun and wind
a drop of rain
company and solitude
sweat and time for thought
a bit of heaven
feet on the ground
a few pebbles and some quartz
natural treatments
a Massey Fergusson tractor
... and then happiness !
Grain de Fanny • Fanny Tisseyre
10 avenue du Chemin Neuf 11200 Ornaisons FRANCE • Tél. : +33 (0)4 68 27 05 65 ou +33 (0)6 78 47 62 98 • e-mail : ftisseyre@free.fr
Visits to the cellar and wine tasting arranged by appointment