From yesterday …to today

A long time ago, at Ornaisons, there were Julien and Leonie, my great-great-grandparents. Followed by Leon and Celestine my great-grandparents, Claude and Germaine my grand-parents and then Jean-Jacques and Annie who took over and developed the wine.
Those vines are still there and now need seasonal workers.

In 2006 I took over the 6 hectares that I inherited.

My process

First of all I began using the traditional, conventional methods.

But having thought deeply about it, I am now moving towards the most natural methods. I take my time, play it safe, not changing things all at once, but I am drawn to the idea of organic and bio-dynamic agriculture.

Today I work all the land with a cultivator and grape hoe (no chemical weed-killers). Spraying is done with natural products (sulphur, copper, herbs).

Around here there is a predominance of oidium (a powdery mildew) and grape worm, needing constant scrutiny and then treatments. The wind helps in our area, being persistent! It dries, and keeps the development of the fungus at bay. We say that ‘the wind cures’.

The grape harvest is done by hand with a group of 10, for a fun atmosphere amongst the vines and also for maximum protection of the plants.

The objective is to grow healthy grapes and to make appealing wines.

Grain de Fanny • Fanny Tisseyre
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