As …the seasons pass

The climate

The Mediterranean climate is quite extreme; calling for sunhat, shorts, tee shirt at the beginning of August and corduroys, tights, big socks, fleece, anorak, scarf, hat, ski gloves, in mid January.

There is a lot of sun and very little rain. 'Cers', a lot (a wind from the north-west, very strong and cold), and Marin too (a sea wind, light and damp). The climate is often temperamental, quite violent at times.

On November 12th 1999, 400mms of rain fell in 48 hours, villages were ravaged, leaving 28 deaths in the Corbieres region.
On January 24th 2009, storms reached 178 kph, trees were uprooted and roofs blown off, and there was a long drought which dried up the garden wells.

… My grandmother had never seen anything like it.

A year in the vineyard

April, may : buds come out. The vegetation starts to grow : leaves come out, with the small flowers (which will become the grape bunches) – unbelievably robust and at the same time fragile.

From April to August the plants are continually inspected and treated according to the need, with natural products.

June : blossoming, subtle yet vivid scent of the flowers, a sensitive period, then ‘nouaison’ (when the flowers change to grape berries).

August : hardening of the shoots (when the green shoots turn woody) and ‘veraison’ (the change of colour of the grape berries : they are ripening).

September : at the beginning of the month, picking of the white grapes (Grenache blanc, Clairette, maccabeu).
Then the grape harvest for the 'rosé', half way through September (syrah, grenache noir).
And finally the harvest of the grenaches and carignans for the red wine, during the last two weeks of the month.

The wine making process continues until mid October.

October : ploughing and digging over the earth to cover the plants.

November to march : the leaves fall, and it’s the time for the vines to rest.

Pruning the plants, a long slow jo b; we inspect every stump, every shoot, to choose which ones to keep for next year.
A suitable
time to meditate, reflect, often out in the wind and cold, alone, just you and your surroundings.
At one with nature. Wonderful moments.

February-march : the earth awakens. Working the earth with the cultivator, tilling to open up the soil and take out the weeds.

… And, at last, bottling the wine in April !

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